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Eligibility for Kids:
Kids must be from a single parent household or nontraditional family structure.
Kids must be between 6 and 14 years old to be enrolled.


What you should expect after enrolling a kid:
Application and interview process (very informal)
A short wait time to be matched with a mentor
Help and support for guardian’s
Weekly supports for the child through the STAR program
Matches meet weekly for approximately one hour
MentorKids staff plans monthly events for the matches to participate in
MentorKids staff plans two annual events for your family: Annual Picnic and Thanksgiving Feast.

“They love their mentors. They can’t wait until their mentors come and pick them up! It is truly a blessing to have these men in their lives. They have helped them and me so much.” – Zuetta Boyd


“It’s given my kids a friend they can talk to, hang out with, help with homework with. It means a lot to see my boys smile and be happy. Their behaviors have improved since having a mentor.” – Shuanta Walton


“I was mentored as a child. My mother was a single mom with so much overwhelming responsibilities. A Godly woman came into my life, made me feel important, valued, and loved. I want to extend that same gift. I have a heart for children and a desire to serve the Lord!” – Brittney C.