A long time ago there lived a young boy named David. David and his family were Israelites. Being an Israelite meant you believed in the one true God. David spent most of his days tending to the family sheep. He would spend hours and hours watching the sheep and making sure they were safe from harm.


During this time the nation of Israel and the nation of Philistia were not getting along and decided to go to war. The two nations gathered their armies and met at the Valley of Elah to settle their dispute. The Philistines sent their most powerful warrior named Goliath to the battle line. Now, Goliath was no ordinary warrior; he was extremely tall and strong. Some believe he was over 9 feet in height! That is one tall guy!


For 40 days the warrior Goliath stood at the battle line taunting the Israelite army. The Israelite soldiers were so afraid no one would challenge Goliath's strength. Not too far off, David was tending his sheep when his father, Jesse, asked if he would take some food to his brothers who were a part of the Israelite army.


David gladly traveled to the Israelite camp to deliver the food. Upon arriving, David could hear Goliath cursing the God of the Israelites, and this angered David for he knew he served the one true God.


David asked if anyone would confront this giant. All the men answered no, for they were afraid of Goliath. David told the men that he would if no one else would. The King of Israel, named Saul, heard David speaking and questioned his ability to confront Goliath. "You are too small to battle such a large giant," said the King. David responded, "I have fought lions and bears to protect my sheep. God helped keep me safe then, and He will help keep me safe now."


King Saul attempted to put David in grand, heavy armor to prepare him for the fight. But, the armor was too big and slowed David down. David knew that God would protect him without the heavy armor. Instead, David gathered five smooth stones from a nearby creek, for David was an expert in using a slingshot.


With his slingshot in hand, David started to walk toward the giant. Goliath saw David and thought this was a joke. David said to the giant without fear, "You fight with a sword and I come with God on my side, and today everyone will know that there is one true God in this land."


Goliath started to approach David. David placed a stone in his slingshot and with all of his might and strength, began to spin the sling. He remained focused and trusting in God. David released the stone, and it flew through the air and struck the giant in the forehead. With that, Goliath fell down and died. The Israelite camp erupted with cheering and praise. David trusted in God’s faithfulness, and God delivered David from his giant.


What "giants" are you facing right now? Giants are not always people, for example, school work, friend trouble, etc.


What are some ways you can be like David and trust that will help you conquer your giants?


Read and memorize the verse below during this month.

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.
Joshua 1:9